The Future of Digital Banking: Asia Pacific
Mar 15-16 2016

The Future of Digital Banking: Asia Pacific

Explore the opportunities of today and tomorrow with leading innovators and pioneers

Suntec, Singapore


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The Future of Digital Banking: Asia Pacific brings together the leading financial innovators from across South East Asia and the rest of the world in order to share insight and ideas on banking in the digital age.

Join key decision makers from both traditional banks, domestic and international players, and ground-breaking new start-ups to discuss the most exciting new developments in this area and what they view as the future of banking.

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Highlights in 2016:

  • Discovered the best ways to digitise and how to overcome the challenges
  • Heard from the experts on how to ensure customer centricity remains at the centre of digital strategy
  • Learned about how to encourage your customers to adopt digital channels
  • Took part in discussions on what regulatory change is needed to help innovation move forwards
  • Explored the opportunities in banking the unbanked and cross border banking with digital
  • Discussed the most innovative developments transforming banking today, including smart branches, mobile banking and FinTech


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Tuesday, 15th March 2016

Welcome address by Marketforce
Chair’s opening remarks
Pau Velando

General Manager


Session One: Putting the customer at the centre of your digital strategy

Designing a customer-centric digital bank
  • How best can banks ensure services suit the customer’s needs rather than their own? 
  • In what respect are existing digital strategies failing to meet customers’ requirements? 
  • Insider knowledge: how best can banks pre-empt customer demands?
  • What new opportunities does digital banking present for providing value-adding services?
Andrew Connell

Head of Digital, APAC


Building Remarkable Banking Experiences
  • The limitations of digital banking today
  • Designing for customers to focus on value creation
  • An overview of BNZ's New Internet Banking Platform
  • Where is digital banking heading, what is the next big thing?
Stephen Bowe

Head of Digital


Upgrading the digital experience: the example of (Small) Business Banking
  • Restructuring the digital banking session
  • Leveraging transactional data to deliver actionable insights through the digital channels at the right time 
  • Using Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning to effectively partner with the mass business customers in their day-to-day financial management
Xavier Marcillac

Vice President Sales, Asia Pacific


Leaders’ Forum

Constructing the ultimate customer-centric digital experience

  • What more do banks need to do to be truly customer-centric? 
  • Are banks keeping pace with consumer behaviour?
  • How can the industry better understand the customer’s needs?
  • What is the best process to ensure successful digital design?
  • What digital lessons can be learnt from other industries?
  • How best can banks convey their new customer-centric strategy to the public?
Andrew Connell

Head of Digital, APAC


Kim Downs

Innovation and Digital Client Experience, APEA Lead


Stephen Bowe

Head of Digital


Xavier Marcillac

Vice President Sales, Asia Pacific



Session Two: Overcoming the challenges to digital banking

The Future of Banking – Being #TrulyDigital

Banks understand the need and the importance of becoming Truly Digital. But legacy challenges, especially at large banks, have thus far slowed down the transition to a Truly Digital banking model. Even as banks accelerate the deployment of new digital capabilities at the edge of the enterprise they have been largely unable to achieve a proportional pace in digitalizing the core. Unless they accomplish a perfect alignment of their digital capabilities from the core to the customer interface, they will not be able become Truly Digital. The emphasis, therefore, has to be on an orchestrated strategy that drives renewal from the core outward even as it enables the effective assimilation of new digital technologies from the edge.

Rajashekara V. Maiya

Head, Product Strategy and Pre-Sales

Finacle, Infosys

Producing a digital-friendly culture
  • In what ways can you best inspire innovation throughout your bank?
  • Encouraging innovation and invention: obtaining ideas from every level
  • What can be done to attract the right kind of people to the banking sector?
  • Keeping the ball rolling: how to maintain a future-facing attitude
Vikram Nimkar

Head of Premium and Private Wealth, International

Westpac Premium Bank

Untapped Potential: Using Data And Analytics Effectively
  • Importance of data
  • Enterprise Information Management framework
  • BI Maturity Curve: From reactive to predictive
  • Real life application of predictive modelling
Vivek Bhanot

Head of Business Intelligence

VP Bank Vietnam

Panel Discussion

The next decade of banking technology

  • How does existing technology need to change in order to achieve digital leadership?
  • How can you limit effects on the customer during the transition phase to digital?
  • What role could cloud banking have to play?
  • How can you ensure security remains strong as technology advances?
Vikram Nimkar

Head of Premium and Private Wealth, International

Westpac Premium Bank

Vivek Bhanot

Head of Business Intelligence

VP Bank Vietnam

Rajashekara V. Maiya

Head, Product Strategy and Pre-Sales

Finacle, Infosys


Session Three: Adoption and migration: encouraging current consumers to use digital

Finding the moments that matter: a Google perspective
  • Helping customers understand the value of digital. 
  • What can be done to create a valuable and useful experience for the customer?
  • Challenging demographics: can all customers be persuaded to use digital? 
  • What strategies are key to enabling customers to use digital effortlessly? 
  • Should services offered to customer be digital by default? 
Michael Yue

Head of Banking and Financial Services


Exploring digital adoption strategy and the power of digital marketing
Neil Katkov

SVP, Asian Financial Services


Peer-to-Peer Discussion

Exploring digital adoption strategy and the power of digital marketing

During this session delegates will have the opportunity to discuss the questions below at their tables. A nominated representative from each table will then share their conclusions with the Chairman and speakers for comment.

  • How can you identify the triggers and barrier to customers taking the step to digital?
  • What role can digital marketing play in encouraging migration?
  • Avoiding abandonment: how important is a seamless experience?
  • Recovering from abandonment: how can personalisation make all the difference?
Michael Yue

Head of Banking and Financial Services


Neil Katkov

SVP, Asian Financial Services



Session Four: Pursuing new markets through digital technology

Banking the unbanked: a whole new customer base
  • What are the key strategies for encouraging the unbanked to use financial services?
  • What opportunities do new technologies such as digital currencies and blockchain offer?
  • How can products be adapted to suit those who have never banked before?
  • Will targeting this market work for everyone?
Rana Peries

Director, Innovation and Digital


Unlocking the untapped powerful transformation in the finance sector with smart data in micro lending
Aidil Zulkifli


Chair’s closing remarks and end of Day 1
Pau Velando

General Manager


Wednesday, 16th March 2016

Chair’s opening remarks
Neil Katkov

SVP, Asian Financial Services


Session Five: Regulating digital banking

Opening Keynote Address

Modernising banking regulation for the digital age

  • How high a priority is adapting banking regulation for the digital age?
  • What are the regulators key concerns about banking through digital channels?
  • Setting in place new security procedures: how do regulators view new innovations?
  • What role can regulation pay in speeding up digital adoption and development?
Li Shu-Pui

Head of Financial Infrastructure Development

Hong Kong Monetary Authority


Session Six: Making banking mobile

Case study: mobile-only banking – creating the pocket-sized bank
Jay Sidhu

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Customers Bank and BankMobile

Luvleen Sidhu

Chief Strategy Officer


Using apps to achieve increased customer value
  • What apps will customers find useful?
  • What services can you offer through mobile and tablet apps specifically to increase sales?
  • Will a single app be able to handle all aspects of digital banking? 
  • How significant is the return on investment on non-core banking app design and launch?
Chatchawan Sangpreedeekorn

Vice President, Digital and Customer Experience


Developing payments for the mobile world
  • What changes are needed to ensure customers can do everything on their mobiles?
  • How will contactless payments develop alongside mobile technology?
  • What are the key new technologies that will take mobile payments to the next level?
  • How significant a threat or opportunity do digital wallets present?  
Benjamin Gilbey

SVP, Digital Payments Solutions, Global Products and Solutions, APAC



Session Seven: The future of banking channels

Striving toward an Omnichannel experience
  • Why is it important to think in terms of omnichannel instead of multichannel?
  • What does omnichannel mean in the context of banking today?
  • How are customer goals and the organisation of banks in conflict?
  • How do banks shift from ‘inside-out’ to ‘outside-in’?
  • How will banks keep up with rising expectations and demands from customers?
Ryan Hart

Principal Analyst, Customer Experience (APAC)

Forrester Research

Mobile Money – the game changer has arrived
  • Evolution of mobile money in emerging markets: what have we seen?
  • How will mobile money build on banking the underbanked?
  • Potential to bring Global Corporates in the eco-system: cashless payments in the B2C and C2B space
  • Standard Chartered Bank’s participation: forging partnerships with Mobile Wallet Providers to grow these eco-systems
Namita Lal

Managing Director, Global Head, Mobile Money, Transaction Banking

Standard Chartered


Session Eight: An exploration of the possibilities in FinTech and partnerships

“Winter is coming”: how 5 types of Fintech will dramatically change the financial world
  • Building the engines of innovation: How can we create a culture of innovation?
  • Barriers to innovation: how to overcome them
  • What does the future hold for innovation?
Neal Cross

Chief Innovation Officer


Accelerating start-ups: exploring opportunities for banks in FinTech
  • What are the key benefits of being a start-up developer?
  • How can you best discover promising start-ups?
  • What strategies are key to nurturing innovation?
  • How can you strike the right balance to keep both partners happy?
Markus Gnirck


Startupbootcamp FinTech

The blockchain hype cycle
  • Blockchain marketing penetration
  • Blockchain Big Data
  • Blockchain for a myriad of use cases
  • Concerns behind blockchain
  • How far it will go?
Hugh Madden

CTO & Co-founder

ANX International


Session Nine: A vision for banking in 2020

Panel Discussion and Mobile Voting

Predicting the future of innovation in banking

Delegates will now have the opportunity to vote on a series of questions using their mobile devices. The panel will discuss poll results as they appear. Themes covered in the session will include: 

  • Which innovations will prove key to achieving digital success? 
  • What are the main success factors in bringing an idea to realisation? 
  • How useful is customer ideation in the innovation process? 
  • How likely is it that totally new developments will revolutionise banking? 
  • What will banking look like in 2020?  


Bhaskar Katta

Regional Chief Operating Officer


Warren Cammack

Head of Innovation

Vietnam International Bank

Jambugesvarar Marimuthu

Head of Digital Innovation


Christian König

Digital Consultant

Fintechnews Singapore

Chair’s closing remarks and end of conference
Neil Katkov

SVP, Asian Financial Services


Download Brochure Print Programme

Companies that attended in 2016 include:

  • ANZ Banking Group Limited
  • Aozora Bank
  • Bank Indonesia
  • Bank of New Zealand
  • Bank Rakyat
  • BankMobile
  • Barclays Bank
  • British High Commission Singapore
  • Citibank
  • Customers Bank
  • DBS Bank
  • Deutsche Bank
  • First Gulf Bank
  • Google
  • HSBC Group
  • ICICI Bank
  • JP Morgan Asset Management
  • Kasikornbank
  • MasterCard
  • MetLife
  • RHB Bank
  • Siam Commercial Bank
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Startupbootcamp FinTech
  • Vietnam International Bank
  • VP Bank
  • Westpac Banking Corporation

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