Cards & Payments Innovation Europe
Nov 08-09 2016

Cards & Payments Innovation Europe

Re-imagine the future with payments’ leading innovators and disruptors

Courtyard Marriott Madrid Princesa, Madrid

The European payments ecosystem is in a period of transformation. PSD II is challenging traditional business models, new entrants are looking to disrupt the status-quo and new technology poses the potential for a fundamental shift in how payments are made and secured.

Cards & Payments Innovation Europe brings together leaders in payments to explore innovative strategies for future success. Blockchain, the Internet of Things and biometrics are all featured in a content-driven programme focused on how best to add value and improve security for customers. Boasting a unique speaker line-up and dedicated networking time with peers from across the continent, this conference gives you the tools to capitalise on the challenges and opportunities in this rapidly changing payments market.

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Reasons to attend:

  • Discuss how to ensure success following the implementation of the PSD II regulation
  • Hear exciting case studies from the latest market entrants including Android Pay and Samsung Pay
  • Bring yourself up to date with the latest innovations in mobile payments and authentication
  • Learn about the excitement surrounding blockchain and its potential impact on the future of instant payments
  • Network with senior decision makers from banks, payments processors and card schemes from all across Europe


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Tuesday, 8th November 2016

Welcome address by Marketforce
Chair’s opening remarks

Session One: The future of payments – assessing the impact of PSD II

Chair’s opening remarks
PSD2, APIs and Open Banking: a changing competitive landscape for payments
Jonathan Kidd

Head of Strategy & Innovation, Group Operations & Payments and Member of Open Banking Working Group

Bank of Ireland and Euro Banking Association

Maintaining control over the customer relationship: revisiting your payments strategy
Luca Vanini

Head of Global Payments


Advisory Session
Ensuring continued success: understanding the impact of PSD II
Marc Temmerman

Director of European Public Affairs

Visa Europe

Panel Discussion

Exploring the next steps for payments

  • To what extent is the industry prepared for the implementation of PSD II? 
  • What will the long-term impact of the regulation be on the payments industry?
  • Could lifestyle portals be the answer to adding value in a PSD II world?
  • Why is collaboration between banks and fintech companies so important?
  • The Internet of Things and PSD II: a recipe for a payments revolution?
  • How will security be maintained in an era of increasing openness?
  • Preparing for what’s ahead: how can you foster a proactive culture?
Marc Temmerman

Director of European Public Affairs

Visa Europe

Luca Vanini

Head of Global Payments


Jonathan Kidd

Head of Strategy & Innovation, Group Operations & Payments and Member of Open Banking Working Group

Bank of Ireland and Euro Banking Association


Session Two: Adding value in a rapidly changing payments landscape

Safeguarding long-term success: developing a value-adding strategy for the future
  • Understanding the role that banks can play in the lives of future customers
  • What can banks begin to offer beyond traditional payments services?
  • PSD II and beyond: imagining the bank of the future
Liisa Kanniainen

VP, Strategic Business Development, Innovation Lab

Nordea Bank

Case Study: Klarna

Pay After Delivery: creating an instant digital wallet

By allowing customers to order items and not settle the payment until they are delivered, Klarna looks to take the friction out of the shopping experience. In this talk, Rogier Schoute will illustrate why creating one-click buying & settlement experiences have benefitted both retailers and customers, leading to Klarna now being responsible for over 40% of all ecommerce sales in Sweden 

Rogier Schoute

VP Product – Payments


Advisory Session
Case Study: Fidor Bank

Utilising open banking to provide the best possible service

Whilst the incoming PSD II regulation will force all banks to open up their APIs, there are those who already do this. In a vision of the future, a representative of Fidor Bank will discuss how the bank is able to engage its customers and add value for them in the context of this operating model. 

Wolfgang Strobel

Chief Financial & Operating Officer

Fidor Bank


Session Three: The Internet of Things – the next step for payments

Lunchtime Keynote Address

Samsung Pay: Building innovation through partnership

The Internet of Things is perhaps the most exciting development in the payments space. With the uptake of IoT technology growing exponentially, the next step is to integrate payments into IoT devices to allow the customer to pay for goods and services in brand new and innovative ways. In this presentation, Nathalie Oestmann will illustrate how bringing together connected cars, smart fridges and more is creating the payments infrastructure of the future.

Nathalie Oestmann

Director, Head of Samsung Pay, Europe


Advisory Session
Payments as customer acquisition tool: micropayments
  • Changing purchasing behaviours: understanding the impact on payments
  • Developing efficient and secure micropayments to enable success
  • From social sharing to commercial monetisation  
Gerrit Sindermann




Session Four: Secure and easy authentication – the next steps forward

Authenticating the new age of payments
  • What new authentication methods are set to become mainstream?
  • Tokenisation: is further adoption the answer?
  • Is biometrics the next step forwards?
  • To what extent will security concerns limit innovation?
Andrea Fiorentino

Head of Mobile Market Readiness

Visa Europe

Easy authentication in times of uncertainty

The EBA has published a draft of the Regulatory Technical Standard on strong customer authentication under PSD2. In its current shape, the RTS endangers the balance of security and convenience envisioned by the payment industry. In this presentation we will discuss how the current regulatory landscape may shape the “future of authentication” and how the industry can respond in order to create a payment experience that will delight customers. 

Henrique Di Lorenzo Pires

Innovation Manager, Transaction Security Division


The future of biometrics: opening up a new world of possibilities
  • Improving the customer experience without compromising on security
  • Beyond mobile banking: how can biometrics help the payments industry?
  • Looking beyond fingerprints: how far can biometric authentication go?

Speaker to be confirmed

Case Study: Kerv

Ensuring security on a wearable payment device

The number of wearable payment devices is growing quickly with easier and more discrete methods constantly being developed. However, the key to uptake will be ensuring the security of these devices. In this talk, Philip Campbell will shine a light on the Kerv smart ring and the steps the company has taken to ensure that any transaction made is secure and properly authenticated.

Philip Campbell



Chair’s closing remarks and end of Day 1, followed by drinks reception
Peter Nordgaard

Associate Professor, Executive Finance & Economics

AVT Business School

Wednesday, 9th November 2016

Chair’s opening remarks

Session Five: Instant payments – the ultimate goal

Chair’s opening remarks
SEPA Instant Payments: the next step towards harmonising payments across Europe
Javier Santamaría

Senior Vice President, Santander

Chairman, European Payments Council

Creating a successful faster payments infrastructure
Michal Szymanski

Vice President

Krajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa

Advisory Session
Blockchain: the future of instant payments?
Pieter Poorthuis

Senior Sales Engineer


Panel Discussion

Innovation and collaboration: moving towards instant payments

  • Why is creating an instant payments infrastructure important?  
  • How can Europe collaborate to ensure it catches up with the UK?
  • Why could blockchain technology be so fundamental to instant payments?
  • What are the barriers to blockchain’s more widespread use in payments?
  • How can payments leaders work with blockchain start-ups to succeed?
  • Forecasting the finish line: when will the industry be ready for instant payments? 
Javier Santamaría

Senior Vice President, Santander

Chairman, European Payments Council

Michal Szymanski

Vice President

Krajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa

Pieter Poorthuis

Senior Sales Engineer


Ignacio Terol

Deputy Head of Market Infrastructures Development

European Central Bank


Session Six: The evolving mobile payments ecosystem

The future of local payments networks: maintaining relevance in the mobile payments era
  • How can domestic schemes win and partner up with the right players?
  • How might local networks retain their relevance in the mobile space?
  • Strategies for success: how can local networks work with banks and retailers in the future?
Susanne Brønnum

Group Executive Vice President, Financial and Network Services


Case Study: Danske Bank

Working with networks to maintain control of the customer relationship

Facilitating the use of mobile for customers is a key to success in the modern era of payments. However, this does not always mean that you need to partner with one of the large tech giants. In this talk, Lars will tell the story of MobilePay, Danske Bank’s mobile payments solution that is now being used by around 60% of the Danish population.

Mark Wraa-Hansen

Senior Vice President, Head of MobilePay

Danske Bank

Title to be confirmed
Jerry Fosker

Head of Network Alliances EMEA

Discover Financial Services


Session Seven: Technology at point of sale – envisioning the devices of the future

Advisory Session
Panel Discussion

Predicting the pace of change: imagining the POS experience of tomorrow

  • How rapidly will contactless payments take off across Europe? 
  • What comes next? Will the need for a card ever completely disappear?
  • Predicting future device innovation: what role will the IoT play?
  • How can POS providers stay up to date in the digital world?
  • Mobile and wearable devices: will payments ever become ‘mobile-only’?
John Staunton

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Chris Kangas

Head of Contactless and NFC Product Management, Europe


Joanna Erdman

Director, Cards Business Development


Sasa Skrgic

Head of Group Card Management

Erste Bank

Session Eight: Disruptors and the disrupted – collaborating for success

Keynote Address

Start-ups: a bank’s friend or foe?

  • Recognising the changing nature of competition in the payments sector
  • Understanding the advantages of partnering with start-ups and fintech companies
  • Mixing creativity with expertise: creating a culture of collaboration 
Nick Kerigan

Managing Director, Future Payments


Case Study: Western Union

Collaborating to enable cross-border social payments

Adding payments functionality has been a key focus for social platforms. However, to date no organisation has successfully offered cross-border payments. In this talk, a senior representative from Western Union will reveal how the organisation decided to use its long-standing physical infrastructure to partner with WeChat and Viber in order to create the world’s first cross-border social payments infrastructure. 

David Thompson

Executive Vice President Global Operations, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Officer

Western Union

Closing Keynote Address

Android Pay: the next step in European payments 

Carlos Gonzalez

Strategic Partner Manager, Commerce and Payments


Chair’s closing remarks and end of the conference
Peter Nordgaard

Associate Professor, Executive Finance & Economics

AVT Business School

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Who attends? 

With representatives from across the payments ecosystem already attending, don’t miss out on the chance to join incumbents and disruptors alike such as: 

  • Aduno Group
  • ai Corporation
  • Akbank
  • Arxan
  • Banco Santander
  • Bank of Ireland
  • Barclaycard
  • BitPay
  • Burgan Bank
  • CashorCard POS
  • Chess iX
  • Currence Ideal
  • Deloitte
  • DenizBank
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Digicash
  • Discover Financial Services
  • Erste Bank
  • European Commission
  • ExxonMobil
  • Google
  • ING Bank
  • International Card Services
  • Intesa Sanpaolo
  • Israel Credit Cards
  • iZettle
  • KBC Group
  • Kerv
  • Klarna
  • Krajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa
  • MasterCard
  • mBank
  • MBNA Europe Bank
  • milliPay
  • MultiSense
  • NETS
  • Nordea
  • PAY.ON
  • PayPal
  • QIWI Bank
  • Rabobank Group
  • Raphaels Bank
  • Samsung
  • SIA
  • Sixdots
  • Sopra Group
  • Swedbank
  • UL
  • UniCredit Group
  • Visa
  • VocaLink
  • Western Union
  • Wincor Nixdorf
  • Worldline
  • Yandex
  • Zapp

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