The European Insurance Fraud Summit
Nov 14-15 2016

The European Insurance Fraud Summit

Sharing the latest counter-fraud innovations from across Europe

NH Collection Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam

The European Insurance Fraud Summit provides the perfect platform to gain a pan-European perspective on the latest developments in detection and prevention from leading insurers. Join us in November to discuss new tactics deployed by fraudsters and share best practice in the fight against insurance fraud.

Offering a packed agenda, this event will help to refine your organisation’s counter-fraud strategy through practical case studies and presentations from industry experts. Get involved with the dialogue by taking part in interactive sessions such as mobile voting, tweet-based panel discussions and champagne roundtables.

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Highlights for 2016

  • Benefit from a board-level view with the Chief Executive Officer of Folksam
  • Discuss insurer’s online vulnerabilities and discover how to protect your organisation from digital threats
  • Get up to date with new developments in data analytics to combat fraud at all stages in the insurance cycle
  • Explore the latest innovations in detection through telematics and blockchain technology
  • Network with 100+ senior insurance professionals from across Europe

By the end of this event you will be able to outline the latest developments in fraud detection and prevention and summarise how their organisation can improve their counter-fraud strategy.

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Monday, 14th November 2016

Welcome address by Juliet Knight, Director, Marketforce
Chair’s opening remarks
Keynote Address

Prioritising fraud detection and prevention in a modern insurer

Jens Henriksson

President and Chief Executive Officer



Session One: The digital insurer – offering fraudsters a free pass?

Understanding new vulnerabilities in the digital age
  • To what extent have online channels introduced new opportunities for fraudsters? 
  • On the move: how worried should insurers be about mobile fraud?
  • Does the consumer’s ability to hide behind a digital façade increase opportunistic fraud?
  • How has digitisation made it easier for organised fraudsters to evade detection?
Cyber hackers want your customer data
  • Grasping the value of insurance data: why is this valuable commodity at risk?
  • The dangers of the dark web: a marketplace for stolen identities 
  • What measures should insurers take to protect their data from attack?
Tom Engly

Chief Security Officer


Seeing beyond the veneer
Aleksandar Vidovic



Panel Discussion

Seamless online journeys: a stress-free route to fraud?

  • To what extent are counter-fraud measures considered when designing digital strategies?
  • Fast and frictionless customer journeys: where are the main touch points for fraud?
  • Will fear of losing competitive advantage mean that a certain level of fraud is tolerated?
  • Getting the balance right: safeguards that don’t make the honest feel criminalised
  • What role can analytics play in enabling more targeted fraud checks?
  • How will SIUs have to adapt to cope with new threats in the digital age of insurance?
Iain Harper

Chief Executive Officer


Luis Charlo

Regional Director of Operations, EMEA


Aleksandar Vidovic




Session Two: Fighting back: using digital strategies to combat fraud

Distinguishing friend from fraudster: spotlight on social media
  • Forcing login via social media: a strategy for verifying genuine customers
  • Which demographics best suit this approach? 
  • What ancillary benefits can taking a more social approach bring?
Iain Harper

Chief Executive Officer


Utilising the Internet of Things to catch out crooks
  • How is telematics data and in-car technology being used to disprove fraudulent claims?
  • To what extent can ‘smart’ devices leave criminals looking stupid?
  • Deterrent, threat or opportunity? How do fraudsters perceive the Internet of Things?
  • A target for tampering: how at risk from cyber-attack are internet-enabled devices?
Paola Scarabotto

Head of Business Intelligence and Product Engineering


Advisory session

Session Three: Attacking application fraud

A nudge towards the truth: applying behavioural insights to encourage honesty
  • How can insurance forms be designed to ‘nudge’ consumers to tell the truth? 
  • What impact do honesty declarations have on consumers' propensity to lie?
  • Beyond applications: how else can behavioural insights encourage honest interactions?
Joanne Reinhard

Senior Advisor

Behavioural Insights Team

Exploring emerging global trends in general insurance fraud and digital transformation

In this presentation leading insurance technology firm FRISS will share the key findings from its Insurance Fraud & Digital Transformation Survey, which incorporates the views of over 150 insurance companies from 25+ countries. Marc Mulder will examine the industry’s approach to fraud challenges and explore opportunities new technologies hold for insurers.

Marc Mulder

Director Sales and Marketing


Data analytics as a tool for identifying application fraud
  • How effective are predictive analytics at anticipating fraud?
  • What are the most common ‘red flags’ for fraud on applications?
  • Acting on outputs: how should analytic data influence the focus of SIU investigations?

Speaker to be confirmed 


Session Four: Organisational transformation in the fight against fraud

Addressing the enemy within: a chief risk officer’s perspective on internal fraud
  • Greed or need? What drives some employees to commit fraud?
  • Is it just as important to ‘Know Your Employee’ as it is to ‘Know Your Customer’?
  • Assessing the risk: the importance of reviewing anti-fraud processes
Robert Pusz

Chief Risk Officer

Aegon Polska

Challenges facing insurance fraud investigators
  • Identifying the challenges and barriers facing insurance fraud investigators from in-depth research 
  • Analysis of insurers and agencies current preventative strategies   
  • Are your counter fraud strategies in alignment with these current challenges, or are you vulnerable?  
Dr Michael Skiba

Lead Faculty, Criminal Justice & Fraud Management Program

Colorado State University

Champagne Roundtables

Fraud is fast, flexible and innovative: Is this true of your SIU?
At their tables, delegates will discuss different strategies for running the most effective SIU possible. There will be twenty minutes for sharing ideas over drinks before nominated representatives from each table share their groups’ ideas with the panel for comment.
Example questions include:

  • What are the main barriers to building a dynamic team and how can these be overcome? 
  • Is there a danger that face-to-face skills will be side-lined in favour of digital abilities?
  • How can a culture of innovation be fostered without letting standards slip?

Further speakers to be confirmed

Vera Sønsthagen

Head of SIU, Norway

Gjensidige Forsikring

Davy de Grave

Special Investigations Unit


Chair’s closing remarks
End of day one and drinks reception

Tuesday, 15th November 2016

Chair’s opening remarks
Keynote Address

Connected crimes: placing insurance fraud in a wider criminal context

Geert Delrue

AML/CFT Expert - Detective Commissioner

Law Enforcement


Session Five: Data sharing – the key to tackling fraud

Mobile Voting Panel Discussion

Sharing best practice: national approaches to sharing data
In this session, delegates will use their mobile phones to vote on a series of questions concerning the current state of data sharing, how it could be made more effective, the potential barriers to overcome and the benefits of doing so. Panellists will discuss the results as they appear. Example questions include:

  • How great a barrier do data protection laws pose to fraud data sharing in your country?  
  • What mechanisms best allow the sharing of data whilst protecting privacy?
  • By what strategies could data sharing be made more effective?
  • What are the biggest barriers to greater data sharing?
Axel Boucher

Head of Underwriting Anti-Fraud


Adele Sumner

Head of Fraud Intelligence and Strategic Development

RSA Group

Advisory session
Fireside Chat

Sharing data internationally: improbable or impossible?

  • Thinking internationally: what is the current data sharing landscape? 
  • What are the greatest challenges inherent in increasing cross-border sharing?
  • General Data Protection Regulation: is it a cause for concern?
  • What are the next steps to wider data sharing and how can the industry take them?

Further speaker to be confirmed

Viktorija Katilienė

Head of Claims Process and Control Management Division

Lietuvos Draudimas


Session Six: Focus on cross-border fraud

Fraud without boundaries: the European problem
  • What types of cross-border fraud are most prevalent? 
  • What new trends are emerging?
  • How successful have collaborative initiatives been in tackling cross-border fraud?
  • Are fraud departments doomed to fail without cross-border data sharing?
Maria Fernanda Guerriero

Head of Fraud, Spain


Tweet Wall Panel Discussion

Collaborating to address cross-border fraud
In this session, delegates have the opportunity to tweet comments and questions to the panel for discussion. Example questions include:

  • Is the most important first step to ending cross-border fraud the creation of fraud registers in all EU countries?
  • What lessons can be learnt from the Green Card system with regard to collaboration?
  • Which countries have successfully worked together to crack down on organised fraud rings?
  • What role does globalisation play in facilitating cross-border fraud?
  • How will the new data protection regulation impact insurers?
  • What can be done to open up communication channels between insurers across different countries?
Jelle Smits

Claims Manager

Dutch Motor Insurance Bureau & Dutch Motor Guarantee Fund

Roland Woerner

Senior Consultant



Session Seven: Changing society’s attitudes towards insurance fraud

Moving insurance fraud up the political agenda
  • Why isn’t insurance fraud a priority for European governments?
  • How can insurers lobby for reform more effectively?
  • What role should national associations of insurers play in supporting insurers?
Zekeriya Tavlaşoğlu

Fraud & Risk Monitoring Manager

Insurance Information & Monitoring Centre, Turkey

Case Study: Public awareness campaign

Communicating the consequences of fraud

In this presentation, Vera Sønsthagen will share the key findings from Gjensidige’s annual survey exploring public perception of insurance fraud. Insights will include the extent of customer knowledge of fraud as well as their perception of the wider consequences on society.

Vera Sønsthagen

Head of SIU, Norway

Gjensidige Forsikring

Chair’s closing remarks
End of conference

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Who attends?

The European Insurance Fraud Summit regularly attracts 100+ senior attendees from the leading insurance companies from across Europe. Companies already confirmed for 2016 include:

  • Allianz Group  
  • Tryg  
  • AIG  
  • Zurich Insurance Group  
  • Folksam Group  
  • AXA Group  
  • Gjensidige Forsikring  
  • Groupama  
  • Lietuvos Draudimas  
  • AEGON  
  • RSA Group  
  • MAPFRE  
  • Delta Lloyd Group         
  • If P&C Insurance  
  • Generali Group  
  • Uniqa  
  • Greenval Insurance Company  
  • DAS Group  
  • Aviva insurethebox  
  • Sompo Japan Insurance  
  • Moderna Försäkringar

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Venue Details

NH Collection Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam
Dam, 9 1012 JS Amsterdam Netherlands

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