The Future of Nordic Non-Life Insurance
Mar 07-08 2017

The Future of Nordic Non-Life Insurance

Re-imagine the future of insurance at the Nordic region's premier event

Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm

The road ahead for the Nordic insurance industry is filled with both opportunities and challenges; as wider global trends impact the market and new technologies further transform the industry, calls for innovation continue to intensify. The Future of Nordic Non-Life Insurance is the premier platform to learn from those leading the way and discover key lessons to successfully navigate your way in an ever-changing environment.

Building on the success of the previous two years, the 2017 event promises to be the biggest and best yet, delivering delegates with exclusive and pioneering content from leading figures at the biggest insurance companies from across the region. Focused sessions, applied industry case-studies and stimulating panel discussions will provide practical knowledge on how organisations can enhance their relevancy and success.

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Tuesday, 7th March 2017

Welcome address from Marketforce
Chair’s opening remarks

Session One: Lessons from the top – a pan-Nordic overview

Creating a long-term strategy for innovation success: the Alka perspective
Henrik Grønborg

Chief Executive Officer

Alka Forsikring

Adapting to the new digital reality: the Codan perspective
Camilla Amstrup Søgaard

Personal Lines Director


Creating a proactive organisation for the customer: the SpareBank1 perspective
Jon Holtan

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

SpareBank 1 Forsikring

Advisory session
Leaders’ forum

Being an agile insurer in a time of uncertainty

  • Staying ahead of the curve: how can insurers adapt to remain relevant? 
  • In what ways are consumer needs changing with the advent of new technologies?
  • What changes are likely to occur in the distribution of insurance products? 
  • How will technological change affect the design of insurance products and customer portfolios?
  • Differentiation and diversification: how important are value-added services in future offerings? 
  • What will the future insurer-insured relationship look like?
  • Creating a culture of innovation: what must insurers do to transform a risk-averse industry?
  • Which changes will have the biggest impact on non-life insurance over the next 10 years?


Henrik Grønborg

Chief Executive Officer

Alka Forsikring

Camilla Amstrup Søgaard

Personal Lines Director


Jon Holtan

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

SpareBank 1 Forsikring


Session Two: Revolutionising a slow-moving industry – embracing innovation

Case study

Pursuing internal disruption: lessons from Tryg

This case study will examine Tryg’s pioneering strategies to innovate from within. From creating a newly established innovation department, to building relationships with entrepreneurs in The Camp, Tryg has fully committed itself to finding future-proof business solutions in a rapidly changing environment. Delegates will benefit from unparalleled insight into how to effectively engage with those outside of the industry and how to disrupt internally before external forces beat you to it.  

Alex Arrey

Vice President, New Business and Customer Innovation


Innovations affecting the insurance industry
  • How do macro trends and InsurTech start-ups impact insurance?
  • The importance of agility: what must insurers do?
  • How can you reform your organisation to embrace innovation?
  • Building innovative and durable tools: insurance core systems, portals, clouds?
Marcin Pluta


Sollers Consulting

Tomasz Kotecki

Senior Consultant

Sollers Consulting

Case study

Out of industry perspective: Nordnet

Nordnet is a shining example of a bank that has achieved excellent online customer experiences, whilst keeping overhead costs low. In this case study, delegates will get the chance to hear insight from beyond the insurance industry as Sameela Wanniatchi describes the evolution of Nordnet, and how it has furthered its own success in a competitive market.

Sameela Wanniatchi

Business Controller



Session Three: Redefining risk management – capitalising on the Internet of Things

Case study

Realising the potential of the smart home

This case study will explore the unique smart home proposition offered by Neos, an exciting disruptive force in the UK insurance market. Daniel Knight, Chief Product Officer at Neos, will outline the company’s original approach to connecting with the customer on the basis of mitigating risk using the Internet of Things. Delegates will learn how new types of data can be utilised, resulting in the most detailed understanding of the customer possible and a new approach to risk management. 

Daniel Knight

Chief Product Officer

Neos Insurance

Advisory session
Case study

Taking telematics to the next level

This case study will look at NEM Forsikring’s new and exciting app that monitors customers’ driving. NEM Forsikring has bypassed the black box and moved towards mobile devices to track how customers drive, the data from which will be used to determine premiums. Delegates will hear about this innovative initiative and learn how insurers can offer more to their customers through technological advances.

Carsten Møller Pedersen

Chief Executive Officer

NEM Forsikring

Peer-to-peer discussion

New frontiers in risk understanding and mitigation: grasping the opportunities

Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss the following questions at their tables before feeding back to the Chair and speakers for comment.

  • What technologies offer the greatest potential to help model risk better?
  • When are new technologies expected to be widely adopted?
  • What obstacles stand in the way of adopting new technologies? How can these be overcome?
  • Risk transfer to risk prevention: is this the way ahead?
  • Shifting the focus from annual renewal: will pay-as-you-go insurance change future propositions?
  • Giving the customer what they want: how can greater flexibility be built into products?
  • Dealing with declining risk: where can new sources of revenue be found?

Session Four: Delving into data strategy – leveraging a return from investments

Managing the information of everything
  • Tackling the realities of big data: assessing the challenge ahead
  • Key lessons for enhancing the use of collected data
  • Deriving value and meaning: improving data interpretation
  • Future data strategies: where next? 
Mikko Vastela

Chief Information Officer


Smarter insurance systems: embedding the power of advanced predictive analytics into your core workflow

Insurance companies across the globe are recognizing the advantages that advanced predictive analytics like Machine Learning can deliver across their enterprise.  All areas of the business, from Sales & Marketing, to Pricing and Underwriting, and Claims Management can become competitive advantages when the powerful insights from predictive analytics are infused into the process.  Learn how modern technology now makes it possible to integrate these powerful insights directly into your everyday workflow.

René Schoenauer

Product Marketing Manager – EMEA


Case study

Harnessing advanced analytics to defeat organised crime

This case study will examine the data strategies being used by Gjensidige Forsikring to combat organised crime in the Nordic region. Delegates will benefit from key lessons in how the use of advanced analytics has positively impacted the fraud team’s operations and efficiency.

Vera Sønsthagen

Head of SIU, Norway

Gjensidige Forsikring

Chair’s closing remarks and end of Day 1, followed by drinks reception

Wednesday, 8th March 2017

Chair’s opening remarks

Session Five: Knowing, prioritising, responding – advancing customer-centricity

Delivering more for the customer; going above and beyond
Jens Henriksson

President and Chief Executive Officer


The value of showing you care: empathetic interaction at the point of claim
  • Knowing your customer: what do they want in times in need?
  • Inspiring customer delight through heartfelt communication: defining a plan of action
  • Recruiting for emotional intelligence: what attributes should insurance organisations look for?
  • Equipping staff with the skills and information necessary for dealing with delicate situations
Steinunn Hlíf Sigurðardóttir

Managing Director - Claims


Advisory session
Mobile voting and panel discussion

Connecting and engaging: exploring the future role of insurers in customers’ lives

In this session, delegates will vote on their mobile devices on a variety of questions relating to the insurer-insured relationship. Results will be relayed to our panel of industry experts who will discuss the implications. Topics to be discussed will include:

  • How can insurers successfully build strong relationships with Millennials? 
  • Identifying pain points: what are the sources of customer dissatisfaction? How can these be overcome?
  • What are the foundations of loyalty?
  • Embedding yourself into the customers’ life: what is the right balance of communication?
  • At what point does digital communication become frustrating for the customer?
  • What more can insurers offer their customers beyond traditional products and services?
Jens Henriksson

President and Chief Executive Officer


Rune Hoff

Director of CRM & Customer Dialogue

Sparebank 1 Forsikring

Carl Farberger

Chief Executive Officer

ICA Försäkring


Session Six: Creating a digitally-optimised insurer

Title to be confirmed
Carl Farberger

Chief Executive Officer

ICA Försäkring

Advisory session
Fraud in the digital age: new vulnerabilities; new solutions
  • Pinpointing the problem: why is fraud on the rise? 
  • Digitalisation: a double-edged sword?
  • Which new data sources are most valuable in the fight against fraud?
  • Using social media to the insurers’ advantage: strategies for success
  • Overcoming the operational challenge: updating systems for better fraud detection
Klaus Martin Arnesen

Fraud Manager



Session Seven: A view from the regulator

Keynote address

Update from Finansinspektionen

Åsa Larson

Executive Director, Insurance



Session Eight: Flashes of the future – an overview of disruptive trends

Case study

Blockchain in action: lessons from Everledger

Blockchain is the buzzword of the moment across financial services, but there are questions over how it is going to tangibly affect the insurance industry and how companies can adopt this new technology. In this case study, delegates will discover how blockchain is being used by Everledger to stop fraud and implement transparency in global supply chains.

Calogero Scibetta

Head of Business Development


Case study

Peer-to-peer insurance: transforming the traditional insurance offering

In this case study delegates will hear from Inspeer, a French organisation revolutionising traditional risk models through offering peer-to-peer insurance. With the aim of making insurance fair, Inspeer has come up with a unique way to sell to customers whilst ensuring value for money. 

Emanuelle Mury

Managing Director and Co-founder


Insuring the sharing economy: taking advantage of new opportunities
  • How are customer needs changing in the advent of the sharing economy?
  • What must insurers do to adapt and deal with this trend?
  • In what ways is the sharing economy complicating risk?
  • Dealing with underinsurance: how can this be rectified?
Rune Smådal

Head of Product, Norway

If P&C Insurance

The Internet of Things: how to integrate psychology with technology
Dr Michael Skiba

Lead Faculty/Professor-Fraud Management

Colorado State University Global Campus

Fireside chat

InsurTech: friend or foe?

  • Is InsurTech likely to disrupt the Nordic insurance industry? In what timeframe? 
  • What area is most ripe for disruption?
  • How can insurers keep pace with innovative new entrants?
  • Avoiding difficulties: what are the key obstacles to a successful InsurTech partnership?
  • How can you ensure partnerships meet the needs of both sides?
  • Lessons from abroad: what can be learnt from the UK experience of InsurTech?
Sabine Vanderlinden

Insurance, Managing Director


Alex Arrey

Vice President, New Business and Customer Innovation


Chair’s closing remarks, end of conference

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The Future of Nordic Non-Life Insurance is regularly attended by over 100 senior insurance professionals from across the Nordic region. Here is a sample of companies that attended in 2016:

  • Codan
  • Copart
  • Dina Försäkringar
  • Eika
  • ERGO Insurance
  • Federation of Finnish Financial Services
  • Folksam Group
  • Gjensidige Forsikring
  • Guidewire Software
  • Hive by Britsh Gas
  • HUGIN Expert
  • If P&C Insurance
  • Købstædernes Forsikring
  • LähiTapiola
  • LB Forsikring
  • Lietuvos Draudimas
  • Moderna Försäkringar
  • Munich Re
  • NEM Forsikring
  • Nemi Forsikring
  • Norwegian School of Economics
  • OP Financial Group
  • Oracle Corporation
  • RSA Group
  • Suomen Keskinäinen Lääkevahinkovakuutusyhtiö
  • TIA Technology
  • Tryggingamiðstöðin
  • Zurich Insurance Group


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Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm
(The Brewery Conference Centre), Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, 118 25 Stockholm, Sweden, Closest underground station/T-bana: Mariatorget

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