European Post & Parcel Services
Mar 21-23 2017

European Post & Parcel Services

Innovation in focus: future trends in postal services and delivery

Mövenpick Hotel, Amsterdam City Centre

Delivery logistics are rapidly evolving – a continued decline in letter volumes is forcing a rethink about operations, new entrants are disrupting the industry with novel ideas, and established players are having to revise their strategies to maintain competitiveness. Business leaders across the continent are asking ‘what now’ and ‘where next?’

In 2017, European Post & Parcel Services will once again provide a forum for tackling these challenges head on. This is your chance to discuss the future of delivery with 200 senior executives from across Europe. Join us as we explore disruptive business models with Austrian Post and Nimber, map the current delivery landscape with PostNL, PostNord and DHL Parcel Germany and Europe in our Leaders’ Forum, and reimagine the branch network with Post Office and bpost. Make sure you’re at the forefront of logistical evolution by joining us in March. 

Delivery logistics are rapidly evolving – a continued decline in letter volumes is forcing a rethink about operations, new entrants are disrupting the industry with novel ideas, and established players are having to revise their strategies to maintain competitiveness. Business leaders across the continent are asking ‘what now’ and ‘where next?’

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What's new for 2017?

A Leaders’ Forum that brings together incumbents and couriers

With the landscape changing, it’s important to learn how operators with different drivers are approaching the same challenges. The conference’s opening session will help, with contributions from PostNL, PostNord and DHL Parcel Germany & Europe

Learn how to become an innovative trailblazer at EP&PS: Innovation in Operations Day

Preceding the main conference on the 21st March, this dedicated day can be booked independently and will explore top-line issues including modernisation, rethinking last mile and how to encourage innovation.

A focus on disruption and the business models shaking-up delivery

Everyone is talking about the ‘uberification’ of delivery, but what does this really mean? Delegates will learn how incumbents view disruption, with insights from Austrian Post, and how start-ups are attempting to disintermediate delivery, through a presentation by Nimber’s CEO Ari Kestin

Enhanced networking opportunities, interactive workshops and unrivalled drinks receptions

As well as sessions dedicated to sharing knowledge, the event will host several engaging activities. From quick-fire meetings to a drinks reception at Amsterdam’s world-famous Heineken museum, there is sure to be something for everyone

Topics to be discussed:

last mile, disruptive business models, branch network, letter mail, service logistics, grocery delivery, customer-centricity, cross-border

·         Hear over 30 senior executives discuss more than 20 major projects
·         Tailor an experience that matches your business’s learning and networking objectives
·         Meet companies from across the supply chain and discover emerging opportunities
·         Learn about a diverse array of issues – from planning to best practice, and innovation to regulation
·         Find out where you should be focusing in 2017 and beyond


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Tuesday, 21st March 2017

Welcome address by David Saunders, Managing Director, Marketforce
Chair’s opening remarks
Derek Osborn

International Postal Coaching


Session One – Becoming dynamic and innovative trailblazers in delivery

Modernising operations: supporting evolution in a much-loved institution
Yrjö Eskola

Senior Vice President, Operations

Posti Group

On-the-ground and in-the-cloud: harnessing diverse approaches
  • Assessing the operational landscape: how are major players working presently?
  • How can physical and cloud-based technologies increase efficiency?
  • Looking ahead: developing new methods for protecting revenue and driving growth
Operations Strategy Leaders’ Forum

As the delivery market becomes increasingly competitive, innovation allows operators an opportunity to differentiate themselves and deliver an unrivalled service. This discussion will explore industry leaders’ strategies for success both today and tomorrow, from first mile through last.  

  • Mapping the operations landscape: what progress has been made in driving efficiencies?
  • Developing and delivering new methods that align with customer desires
  • Encouraging operational synergies between the letters and parcels businesses
  • How can innovation help to minimise failed delivery?
  • Tackling the e-commerce returns issue: delivering a quality, low-cost service
  • How can good value be ensured when introducing delivery options and piloting ideas?
  • Integrating diversification and new tasks into day-to-day operations
  • Assessing the potential impact of automation and robotics across operations
  • How can the workforce be kept involved and engaged in a rapidly evolving environment?
  • Operating beyond borders: should we advocate standardisation to safeguard growth?

Yrjö Eskola

Senior Vice President, Operations

Posti Group

Thomas Baldry

Senior Vice President, International Mail

Deutsche Post

Mark Harrison

Head of Markets

International Post Corporation

Marieke Snoek

Managing Director



Session Two – Rethinking last mile: harnessing technology to pioneer new approaches

Case study: bringr

Complementing existing operations with an innovative, crowd-sourced network   

In June 2016, bpost launched the pilot of its ‘bringr’ project – an app-enabled, crowd-sourced delivery network that connects customers and drivers directly. This session will explore why enabling the network complements, rather than competes with, existing business, and will assess the challenges and opportunities related to an operational shift of this sort. 

Hans Robben

Manager – Fulfilment and Network Innovation, Parcels


How Artificial Intelligence and IoT can change the postal industry
Marc Schmitt

Chief Executive Officer


The Internet of Things: rethinking the role of the Post in a connected world
  • The LoRaWAN specification: what is it and what might it mean for the future?
  • What impact will the Internet of Things have on postal operations?
  • For the business and the customer: envisioning usage cases for IoT technology
Case study: SendCloud

A smart shipping service for e-tailers that delivers new customers for operators

SendCloud optimises shipping for smaller e-tailers and lowers costs in the process. By bulk purchasing delivery slots from multiple carriers, the platform offers discounted, non-contractually bound rates to firms, who are in turn able to offer consumers greater choice about delivery. This session will explore how the platform operates, and explain how it tackles the operational challenges that such an approach creates.  

Rob van den Heuvel

Chief Executive Officer



Session Three – Fostering practical solutions for present and future challenges

Workshop A
Workshop B

In this session delegates will have the opportunity to attend two out of three workshops. Each workshop will run in slots between 14.25–14.55 and 15.00–15.30. The workshops will be run by leading experts who will give practical lessons on different aspects of innovation. After the second round of workshops each expert will feed back to the whole room giving delegates key lessons to take away. 

Workshop option 1

Encouraging innovation: supporting the development and delivery of new ideas

Workshop option 2

Maximising the operational benefits of sustainability programmes

Workshop option 3

Managing the workforce through operational change


This workshop will focus on how novel operational ideas can be fostered, assessed, supported and amplified across the delivery industry and within logistics businesses.

Sebastian Steinhauser, Founder & CEO, Parcelly


This workshop will provide strategies for linking the ethical case for investing in sustainability with a business case that highlights operational benefits.

Speaker to be confirmed


This workshop will develop strategies for gaining stakeholder buy-in for operational changes and new ideas.

Mark Michiels, Chief Human Resources Officer, bpost

Sebastian Steinhauser

Founder & CEO


Mark Michiels

Chief Human Resources Officer


Title to be confirmed
Steen Meldgaard Laursen

Sales Director

EWII Mobility

Feedback from workshops

Each expert will feedback the most interesting findings of the workshops to the whole room.

Session Four – ‘It’s in the bag’: developing strategies for delivering groceries and more

Modernising the delivery fleet: thinking innovatively about vehicles
  • Identifying the challenges that contemporary fleets face
  • Advocating adaptability: why is flexibility and diversity important?
  • What will the fleet of the future look like?
Gunnar Inderberg

Head of Value Chain Development

Norway Post

Delivering a globally-scalable addressing system fit for modern needs
  • What costs are incurred and what harm is caused by poor addressing?
  • Expanding the reach of what3words: where and how is the system being harnessed?
  • Integrating with existing systems and amplifying future benefits
Chris Sheldrick

CEO & Co-Founder


Case study: The Urban Freight Lab

Working closely with industry, the Urban Freight Lab aims to improve delivery operations through innovative thinking and extensive practical pilot schemes. This session will explore the projects that they are currently undertaking, with a particular focus on their attempts to drive efficiency improvements in the final 50’ of the urban goods delivery system.

Speaker to be confirmed

Chair’s closing remarks and end of the Innovation in Operations Day  
Derek Osborn

International Postal Coaching


Wednesday, 22nd March 2017

Welcome address by David Saunders, Managing Director, Marketforce
Chair’s opening remarks

Session One – CEO Forum

‘Welcome to The Netherlands’: Keynote Opening Address

Mapping the postal market and identifying opportunities at home and abroad

Pim Berendsen

Member of the Executive Committee; Director, International Growth and M&A


Reimagining the role of the incumbent in a dynamic and evolving market
Peter Kjaer Jensen

Head of PostNord Denmark


The New Delivery Reality
Brody Buhler

Global Managing Director, Accenture Post and Parcel Industry Group


E-commerce across the continent: building on successes to deliver a better future
Achim Dünnwald

Chief Executive Officer

DHL Parcel Germany and Europe

CEO Forum: mapping the delivery landscape in 2017

Panel discussion and questions         

  • Assessing the prospects of the European post and parcel markets in 2017 and beyond
  • Capitalising on the Digital Single Market: supporting growth in cross-border e-commerce
  • What impact will Brexit have on the European e-commerce market?
  • How can continuing challenges in regards to returns best be overcome?
  • What threats are emerging because of new market entrants?
  • What impact is the universal service obligation continuing to have on incumbents?
  • How can further value be added to letter mail?
  • At home and abroad: what opportunities are there for partnerships and collaboration?
  • Reshaping the workforce to match contemporary demands
  • Looking towards the future and fostering a culture that supports innovation
Pim Berendsen

Member of the Executive Committee; Director, International Growth and M&A


Peter Kjaer Jensen

Head of PostNord Denmark


Brody Buhler

Global Managing Director, Accenture Post and Parcel Industry Group


Achim Dünnwald

Chief Executive Officer

DHL Parcel Germany and Europe


Session Two – Coping with rapid change and disruptive business models

Evolution or revolution? Keeping pace in an increasingly crowded industry
  • Why is end-to-end delivery an appealing proposition for new market entrants?
  • Developing strategies to keep ahead of the competition
  • Recognising where posts are advantaged and where improvement is paramount 
Peter Umundum

Board Member - Parcels & Logistics Division

Austrian Post

Case study: Nimber

Exploiting the value of the ‘crowd’: harnessing spare capacity to do delivery differently

Nimber connects people making journeys with individuals wanting goods delivered through a user-friendly, community-driven app. With no drivers employed directly, it has been referred to as the ‘Airbnb of delivery’. This session will explore the impact that its ongoing, pan-European rollout might have on delivery, and ask whether there may be ways to encourage collaboration as well as competition

Ari Kestin

Chief Executive Officer


Trends and opportunities in the Money Transfer Industry
Jorge Ibarrarán

Post Office Business Development Lead

Ria Money Transfer

Responding to rising rates of returns: tackling the challenges of the e-commerce boom
  • Why are returns volumes increasing so rapidly and what products are most affected?
  • What makes managing returns a challenge for operators?
  • Exploring the future of returns: turning challenges into opportunities
Michał Chromiński

Deputy Managing Director, Strategy

Poczta Polska

Lunch hosted by Accenture

Session Three – Streams

Stream A – Diversification: new products and services supporting the delivery network
Chair’s opening remarks
Utilising customer data to drive business growth
  • Why is it essential that modern posts become data rich?
  • Overcoming the impediments to collecting and packaging customer data
  • Identifying the correct partners and collaborating to improve customer experience
  • Managing sensitivities in marketing customer data to third parties
Peter Gallagher

Director of Strategy and Business Excellence

An Post

Title to be confirmed
Nathan Kelleher

Vice-President, Logistics Solutions


Case study: PosteMobile

Poste Italiane launched PosteMobile as a Mobile virtual network operator to much fanfare in 2007. Over the last decade the organization has established itself as a key part of its parent company’s business and expanded into diverse and exciting new areas. This session will track its progress over the last decade, and explore why the partnership between Poste Italiane and PosteMobile has continued to be so fruitful.

Stefano Santini

Chief Executive Officer


Stream B – Reimagining the branch network and its potential value
Chair’s opening remarks
Making the branch network succeed in the modern world
  • Why is the branch network still important in an evolving postal landscape?
  • What services do customers most want from a 21st Century branch?
  • Exploring opportunities to drive revenue growth through partnerships and collaboration
Mark Siviter

Director, Mails

Post Office

Trends and developments in last mile delivery
Michael Landl

International Sales Director, Banking & Service Automation Division

Keba AG

Case study: bpost

Pushing forward with the modernisation of the branch network in Belgium   

Bpost have developed numerous methods to ensure that their branch network remains relevant in the 21st Century. This session will explore the strategies that they have adopted to ensure customer retention, and look positively towards the future of the network

Marc Huybrechts

Director, Mail and Retail Solutions


Refreshments & enhanced networking

Session Four – Balancing priorities: being customer-centric at an acceptable cost

Creating a truly omnichannel experience for the end user
  • What companies offer a level of service that operators should aspire to?
  • How are operators utilising new channels to communicate with customers?
  • Justifying technology spend through efficiency improvements
Nick Wells

Chief Executive Officer


Optimising to increase operational efficiency and passing on the benefits customers
Francois Eijgelshoven

General Manager EMEA and Member of the Board


Meeting the needs of the modern customer

Panel discussion and questions         

  • Managing the requirements of both businesses and end recipients as customers
  • How diverse are the demands of different kinds of customer?
  • What methods of communication are available to operators?
  • How can costs be kept low as interactions become increasingly complex?
  • Dealing with complaints and mending damaged relationships
  • How will the relationship with customers evolve in the future?
Nick Wells

Chief Executive Officer


Francois Eijgelshoven

General Manager EMEA and Member of the Board


András Táncsics

Director, Product Management and Business Development Directorate

Magyar Posta

Daniel Sánchez Blázquez

Customer Experience Director

Correos y Telegrafos

End of Day One followed by a drinks reception hosted by Quintiq

Thursday, 23rd March 2017

Chair’s opening remarks

Session Five – Rethinking regulation to ensure regulatory fitness for the future

Keynote Opening Address

Exercising oversight across delivery services and safeguarding regulatory fitness

Reshaping the universal service obligation to meet modern needs
Denis Joram

Chief Economist, Regulation Department

La Poste

Recognising the role of competition in shaping regulation
Katja Kollmeier

Vice President, Regulation Strategy

Deutsche Post DHL Group

Advisory session
Developing and delivering fit-for-purpose regulation in post and parcels across Europe

Panel discussion and questions          

  • What characteristics must regulatory frameworks have to be fit-for-purpose?
  • Progress in parcels: how is the Digital Single Market helping to create parity?
  • Maximising cross-border e-commerce in Europe: what more still needs to be done?
  • Should both national and international regulators now shift focus towards USOs?
  • What changes are leading to questions about the regulatory fitness of European USOs?
  • How do national USOs impact transnational, third-party couriers?
  • How can the regulatory framework accommodate Brexit?
  • Looking to the future of regulation: what should the landscape look like post-2020?
Denis Joram

Chief Economist, Regulation Department

La Poste

Katja Kollmeier

Vice President, Regulation Strategy

Deutsche Post DHL Group

Annegret Groebel

Head of Department, International Relations/Postal Regulation



Session Six – Opportunities in cross-border: overcoming challenges to drive growth

An outlook from overseas: charting the evolution of e-commerce in the East
  • How has the e-commerce market grown and evolved in Asia?
  • Handling imports and exports: exploring how goods enter and exit the region
  • What opportunities are there for European operators to benefit from growth?
Marcelo Wesseler

Chief Executive Officer, SP E-Commerce


Advisory session
Making cross-border e-commerce easier: what can be done to protect future growth?
  • To what extent will e-commerce across the continent continue to grow unabated?
  • Standardising systems to improve operations and lower costs
  • Solving the returns challenge: what can be done to make cross-border returns easier?
Ansi Arumeel

Member of the Board for E-commerce and Logistics



Session Seven – Looking to the future of letters: how is the core business changing?

Post the decline: are we finally seeing the end of decreasing letter volumes?
  • Reflecting on over a decade’s continuous decline in letter mail
  • Tracking successes and failures: what have operators done to reverse the trend?
  • Why will letter mail continue to have a place going forward?
Judit Burucs

Director, Strategy and Innovation

Magyar Posta

Adopting a managed approach: how can we best slow down further e-substitution?
  • Learning lessons from the operators that were first to face significant e-substitution
  • What are the underlying trade-offs surrounding the continued decline of letter volumes?
  • Don’t mention the C-word…Cannibalisation
  • A postal company’s best “frenemy”: the public sector
  • Working with stakeholders and developing strategies to maximise future relevance
Bruno Basalisco

Managing Economist

Copenhagen Economics

Increasing the appeal of direct mail: adding value through digital integration
  • Why have direct mail campaigns maintained relevance throughout the letters decline?
  • How can technology be harnessed to add value to direct mail?
  • Exploring successful partnerships and campaigns 
Keynote Closing Address

Keep me Posted EU: supporting the citizen’s right to choose how they stay informed

Lisa Kretschmann

Managing Director

European Federation of Envelope Manufacturers

Chair’s closing remarks and end of conference

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Who is attending in 2017?

European Post & Parcel Services is set to attract over 200 attendees, with 50% of our current delegates being chiefs, directors or vice presidents. Here is a sample breakdown of the companies you will meet this year:

  • AB Lietuvos Pastas
  • Accenture
  • An Post
  • Beumer Group
  • Blackbay
  • bpost
  • Bundesnetzagentur
  • Copenhagen Economics
  • Correos y Telegrafos
  • CTT - Correios de Portugal
  • Cullen International
  • Cycloon Holding
  • Deutsche Post
  • Endicia - DYMO
  • European Envelope Manufacturers Association
  • Evertracker
  • EWII Mobility
  • GBI Data & Sorting Systems
  • Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
  • GIRO
  • Guernsey Post
  • International Post Corporation
  • Keba
  • K Hartwall
  • KPMG
  • La Poste
  • Latvijas Pasts
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Magyar Posta
  • McKinsey & Company
  • New Zealand Post
  • Nightline Delivers
  • Nimber
  • Norway Post
  • Notta Systems
  • Omniva
  • Österreichische Post
  • Oxera Consulting
  • Parcelly
  • Pitney Bowes
  • Poczta Polska
  • Posta
  • Posta Slovenije
  • Post Denmark
  • Poste Italiane
  • PosteMobile
  • Post Greenland
  • Posti
  • PostNL
  • PostNord
  • Post Office
  • Quintiq
  • Ria Money Transfer
  • Rundfunk und Telekoms Regulierungs
  • Sendcloud
  • Siemens AG
  • Singapore Post
  • Temando
  • T Systems International
  • Vasp
  • Whatnext4u
  • Whistl
  • Wincor Nixdorf


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Piet Heinkade 11, 1019 BR Amsterdam Netherlands

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