European Post & Parcel Services
Mar 15-17 2016

European Post & Parcel Services

including Postal Operations Day

Innovation in focus: future trends in postal services and delivery

Intercontinental Lisbon, Portugal

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EU Post Overview

European Post & Parcel Services explores how major players in the delivery space can operate as dynamic, 21st Century businesses that can increase profitability while improving services.

It is an exciting time for the industry, with operators adapting and modernising in the digital age. With ongoing growth in parcel volumes being countered by a continued decline in letter mail, organisations are having to reassess priorities and transform themselves while simultaneously challenging emerging threats; and this conference provides the insights and networking opportunities you need to stay ahead of the curve.

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Topics discussed in 2016:

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19+ countries represented


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Wednesday, 16th March 2016

Welcome address by David Saunders, Managing Director, Marketforce
Chair’s opening remarks
Peter Somers

Chief Executive Officer


Session One: CEO Forum

‘Welcome to Portugal’: Keynote Opening Address

Looking to the future of postal services in Southern Europe

Francisco de Lacerda

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

CTT Portugal Post

Adopting a customer-centric approach to postal strategy
Javier Cuesta Nuin

Chief Executive Officer

Correos y Telegrafos

Digital Disruption and Transformation

  • Insights from the Accenture Delivery Digital Performance Index: measuring digital maturity and capability in the market
  • Digital trends pointing towards potential disruption
  • What are high performing post and parcel organisations doing to transform into digital businesses?

Brody Buhler

Global Managing Director, Accenture post and parcel industry group


C-level Forum

Panel discussion and questions         

  • How can incumbents best manage the USO despite continued letters decline?
  • What can operators do to maintain the relevance of letter mail?
  • Is continued growth in e-commerce translating to revenue growth for posts?
  • Increasing cross-border: how will proposed regulatory intervention benefit posts?
  • Diversifying operations: nurturing novel ventures suited to existing expertise
  • Is privatisation a necessary consequence of industry evolution?
  • How must the incumbent’s relationship with the retail network change?
  • What emerging innovations are likely to be the most disruptive?
Francisco de Lacerda

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

CTT Portugal Post

Javier Cuesta Nuin

Chief Executive Officer

Correos y Telegrafos

Brody Buhler

Global Managing Director, Accenture post and parcel industry group


Special Overseas Address

Looking to the East: exploring opportunities in China

Lihu Feng

Deputy Director General, Research and Development Centre

State Post Bureau, P.R.China


Session Two: Getting the service proposition right for the customer

Encouraging collaboration: the retailer’s perspective on delivery
  • Understanding customer desire: the key success factor for e-tail
  • What can carriers do to improve the services available to retailers?
  • Looking to the future: strategies for deeper collaboration
Christoph Stark

Vice President, Logistics


How are global consumers shaping the future of post?
  • How are mobile commerce and the demands of connected customers evolving in 2016?
  • Why are retailers struggling to catch-up with the ‘uber-fication of everything’?
  • Offering global insights into the challenges faced by retailers in 2016 
  • Practical solutions to close the expectation gap
Darko Atijas

Vice President, EMEA


Speed or reliability? What does the end user really want from delivery?
  • Engaging the customer and prioritising preferences
  • Recognising diversity and offering a range of services
  • Developing a balanced strategy suited to all customers 
Zuzanna Rajkiewicz

International Affairs Manager

Poczta Polska

Case Study: Norway Post’s introduction of RFID technology

Leveraging technology to create an exemplary service for businesses and consumers

Norway Post has introduced RFID technology on packets, allowing value to be added to a wider range of products without altering specialised and industrialised letter operations. This improves the service for both business customers and end consumers; and the rollout, operations and future opportunities will all be explored in this session.

Øyvind Høgset

Senior Vice President, E-commerce Services

Norway Post

Lunch sponsored by Accenture

Session Three: Streams

Stream A: Ensuring a sustainable branch network that serves incumbents’ needs
Chair’s opening remarks
Derek Osborn

International Postal Coaching


Case study: Post Office Ltd

Modernising a British institution and safeguarding its future

With the Post Office’s separation from Royal Mail, it became essential for the Post Office to be independently viable. An extensive modernisation programme to preserve the network of 11,500 branches is now in progress. This session will look at the scheme in-depth and critically explore its successes and challenges.

Mark Siviter

Head of Mails

Post Office

Cross-industry best-practices for postal branch transformation

Banks, retailers and postal organizations worldwide are facing similar challenges with regard to adapting, optimizing and thriving in their daily business. Rapid changes in customer behaviour and shopping habits have sparked a digital upheaval within their industries. Today’s postal customers expect to be able to carry out their postal transactions anytime and anywhere, and to have this flexibility embedded in a convenient experience that meets their individual needs. This session will focus on cross-industry best-practices and discuss innovative ideas for the postal branch transformation.

Juergen Kisters

Global Industry Head – Postal

Wincor Nixdorf

Case study: CTT’s Postal Bank

Reacting to the growing importance of financial services to the business

While CTT has offered financial services through the branch network for some time, it initiated comprehensive plans for a full bank offering in 2015. In this session, these plans will be outlined in detail, the opportunities explored and the future for the service mapped out. 

Luis Pereira Coutinho

Chief Executive, Postal Bank

CTT Portugal Post

Stream B: A focus on urban logistics
Chair’s opening remarks
Peter Somers

Chief Executive Officer


The challenge of urban logistics: increasing volumes, decreasing space
  • An evolving environment: highlighting the challenges of inner city delivery
  • Pre-delivery consolidation: simplifying city logistics and improving service
  • How scalable is a city-focused delivery model? 
Marc Schepers

Chief Executive Officer, CityDepot


Winning factors for urban automated parcel delivery and pick-up solutions
Michael Landl

International Sales Director


Peer-to-peer discussion

Brainstorming innovative ways to meet the evolving demands of online shoppers

Delegates now have an opportunity to brainstorm innovative ways for excelling at urban delivery. The points below are to be used as a guideline, and a nominated representative from each table will feedback ideas and conclusions to the panel for discussion.

  • Click-and-collect: ensuring future growth through partnerships and technical innovation
  • Delivering to the 21st Century urbanite: what more should we know about customers? 
  • Which emerging delivery methods are suited for cities and which will not work?

Session Four: Maintaining volumes and increasing revenue by adding value to mail

Re-centring business mail as a core consideration for operators
  • Assessing uncomfortable truths: recognising unabated letter volume decline
  • Why are companies reducing the amount of business mail sent?
  • How could track-and-trace technologies be leveraged to add value? 
Pablo Raventos

Director General


The power of remittances

The money transfer industry moves over $601bn per year, with 76% (≈$456bn) flowing to developing countries. These person-to-person money transfers – remittances – make a significant difference in the lives of those receiving them and play an important role in the economies of developing countries. Post Offices are an excellent channel for remittances, and this session will explore how businesses can grasp the opportunities that they create to boost revenue and add value to their product portfolio while providing more choice for customers. 

Jorge Ibarrarán

Post Office Business Development Lead

Ria Money Transfer

A contemporary approach: maximising the potential impact of direct mail
  • The power of direct marketing: a tangible, engaging tool
  • Broadening the customer base: developing a diverse product portfolio
  • What opportunities are there to further grow the revenue stream? 
Walter Hitziger

Member of the Management Board

Austrian Post

Keynote Closing Address

Making the business case for direct mail: what benefits are there for major brands?

Eurico Nobre

Chief Executive Officer

Ogilvy & Mather Portugal

End of Day One followed by Drinks Reception

Thursday, 17th March 2016

Chair’s opening remarks
Botond Szebeny

Secretary General


Session Five: How will a Single Digital Market impact cross-border e-commerce?

Keynote Opening Address

The Digital Single Market: why is it essential to continued e-commerce growth?

Werner Stengg

Head of Unit, Public Interest Services, DG GROW

European Commission

How can posts help to facilitate cross-border e-commerce?
Richard Snowdon

International Director

Royal Mail Group

E-commerce beyond borders: adopting a regional approach to delivery logistics
Peter Kjaer Jensen

Head of Business Area PostNord Logistics


What do online shoppers want?
Herbert Goetz

Director of Marketing

International Post Corporation

Examining the possibility of creating a single, European e-commerce market

Panel discussion and questions         

  • Online vs offline? To what extent are e-tail and delivery already aligned?
  • What would the benefits of a Single Digital Market be for posts?
  • Why is there resistance to widespread change from some interested parties?
  • What challenges must be overcome before an integrated market exists?
  • How long will it take for the impact of an integrated digital market to become tangible?
  • What is being done to bring companies of all sizes into the discourse?
Werner Stengg

Head of Unit, Public Interest Services, DG GROW

European Commission

Richard Snowdon

International Director

Royal Mail Group

Peter Kjaer Jensen

Head of Business Area PostNord Logistics


Herbert Goetz

Director of Marketing

International Post Corporation

Mark van der Horst

Director, EU Affairs



Session Six: Investing in a viable future for postal service operations

Case study: La Poste’s Facteo rollout

Putting power in the hands of the postman

Over the course of more than two years, La Poste has equipped all postmen with a Personal Digital Assistants called a Facteo. These are as versatile as smartphones, and some personal use is allowed to boost morale. In this session, the logic for enabling postmen in this way will be detailed, and the early successes and challenges of the project explored.

Nicolas Hanon

Executive Director, Information Strategy & Innovation

La Poste

Peer-to-peer discussion

Looking to the future of operations: where must our attention be directed?

Much of this conference has looked at current and emerging trends in post & parcel services, but this afternoon’s session will look ahead to disruptive developments set to radically impact delivery. Following on from a presentation about a successful, future-facing technology rollout, delegates are invited to discuss the innovations that they would support at their tables, with the following questions acting as a guideline for debate. A nominated representative from each table will then feedback conclusions to the Chairman and speakers for comment.

  • Delivery by drones: genuine potential or just a ‘pie in the sky’ idea?
  • What impact will the advent of widespread 3D printing have on delivery services?
  • How can crowd-sourced delivery be harnessed to lower costs?
  • The Internet of Things: an opportunity to radically improve operations?
  • Business-as-usual? Are we overly optimistic about radical change in delivery?
Opportunity to feedback

Session Seven: Disruptive developments in delivery services

The Internet of (Postal) Things: an untapped opportunity for operators?
  • The IoT: devices sharing data in real time to provide enhanced services
  • Which devices are already online and what still needs to be connected?
  • Imagining usage cases for the Internet of Postal Things
Etay Oren

Chief Executive Officer


Addressing the world: enabling delivery to unaddressed people and businesses
  • Poor addressing makes the world inefficient, frustrating and dangerous
  • The what3words solution: every 3mx3m in the world addressed with 3 words
  • Simple to remember, easy to us and present in 170 countries
  • Sharing case studies from around the world
Tim Williams

Commercial Director


Case study: PiggyBee

Making the sharing economy work for delivery

Peer-to-peer international delivery is not new, but PiggyBee takes a radical approach by encouraging users to take payment in like-for-like services rather than direct payment – a lift from the airport or a drink with a local, perhaps. Trading in notions of the sharing economy, this session explores how the company hopes to change how we think about delivery.

David Vuylsteke



Chair’s closing remarks and end of conference

Tuesday, 15th March 2016

Welcome address by David Saunders, Managing Director, Marketforce
Chair’s opening remarks
Derek Osborn

International Postal Coaching


Session One: Operating the post as a dynamic, 21st century business

Operations Strategy Leaders’ Forum

In this session, each participant will speak for a few minutes about the current operational challenges that their organisation faces, how these are being overcome, and issues and opportunities for the industry more broadly. This will be followed by a panel discussion and questions from the audience.                         

  • Diversifying the service portfolio: what new delivery options are customers demanding?
  • How can cost increases be minimised as the service portfolio increases?
  • What opportunities does automation create and what challenges does it cause?
  • Driving operational efficiency by capitalising on the potential of data
  • Getting delivery right: how can first time delivery rates be increased?
  • Urban vs rural logistics: developing an adaptable proposition
  • How can the workforce best be motivated in a rapidly evolving sector?
  • Grasping opportunities for growth: overcoming the challenges of international operations
  • Working with partners to develop the operations strategies of the future
Thomas Baldry

Senior Vice President Global Mail Germany

Deutsche Post

Marjan Osvald

Director International Mail

Post of Slovenia

Andreas Gregoriou

Chief Executive Officer

Cyprus Postal Services

Rasa Radzevičienė

Director, Postal Operations Division

Lithuanian Post

Francois Eijgelshoven

General Manager EMEA and Member of the Board


Boosting performance through business transformation
Francois Eijgelshoven

General Manager EMEA and Member of the Board



Session Two: Tackling the challenges of advanced parcel logistics

Fostering international collaboration to spur cross-border e-commerce growth
  • Quality and cost in cross-border: the biggest threat to continued e-commerce growth
  • The need for convergence: how incompatible are systems used by national posts?
  • Looking ahead: what progress is being made in increasing compatibility? 
Ingimundur Sigurpálsson

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

Iceland Post

The decade of Agile Optimization: may the unknown be with you

Big Data is science, no fiction. Algorithms are shaping the planet of parcel logistics. The next decade will be data driven, but do we really have the right tools to fully explore the unknown? Agile Optimization is a concept that takes human/computer interaction, rapid response to change and decision making quality to a new level. This presentation gives insights into agile optimization projects and demonstrates how an agile working environment can act as a catalyst for higher motivation and performance.

Karsten Horn

Business Development Manager, Logistics Division


Peer-to-peer discussion

The last test in optimising operations: delivering an adequate returns service

During this session delegates will have the opportunity to brainstorm solutions for one of the biggest challenges in operations – returns. The questions below are to be discussed at your tables. Following this, a nominated representative from each table will feedback ideas and conclusions to the Chair and speakers for comment.

  • How do attitudes towards returns differ across the continent?
  • Do customers already expect too much from returns services?
  • How could the range of returns options available be increased?
  • Will customers ever be willing to pay for a returns service? 
  • Cross-border returns: an insurmountable challenge?
Opportunity to feedback

Session Three: Developing and nurturing a workforce suited to the modern world

Meeting the needs of a modern operator: how is the workforce evolving?
  • Encouraging flexibility: a modern workforce for a modern industry
  • How can staff standards consistently be maintained and improved?
  • What opportunities does subcontracting allow operators? 
Mark Michiels

Chief Human Resources Officer


Managing expectations: consistently working with and for the workforce
  • Why is it so essential to keep employees informed of operational changes?
  • Utilising technology: bringing the employee into the company discourse
  • Looking to the future of employer-employee relations 
Dina Barišić

Head of the Employment and Training Department

Croatian Post

How can the employee be empowered during challenging times?

Panel discussion and questions

  • Why is change essential to the evolution of the postal workforce?
  • How can the need for change best be communicated to employees?
  • How can standards be maintained during institutional transformation?
  • Maintaining engagement: listening to and accommodating the fears of staff
  • Protecting the most valuable asset: what can be done to increase retention rates?
  • Developing training strategies suited to the needs of the modern post
  • Empowering through technology: which innovations are most important?
  • Looking to the future of workforce management in the sector
Mark Michiels

Chief Human Resources Officer


Dina Barišić

Head of the Employment and Training Department

Croatian Post

Refreshments and Speed Networking

Session Four: A spotlight on sustainability: driving operational efficiency for the future

Case study: The Green Link

Taking an environmentally-conscious approach to delivery in Paris

The Green Link employs a team of 70 ‘eco-deliverers’ to transport 3500 packages across Paris daily. The firm uses electric scooters to minimise emissions and employs data analytics technologies and urban logistics techniques to maximise efficiency. This session will explore why this approach works so well in Paris and will look towards the future of the business.

Michael Darchambeau

Co-Founder and CEO

The Green Link

Leveraging technology to optimise delivery routes and increase efficiency
  • Why is it so important that modern operators have the most efficient networks possible?
  • How is technology improving operations for postal operators?
  • A scalable and adaptable solution: recognising and reacting to diverse networks
Alan Paget

Sales Director

Integrated Skills

Keynote Closing Address

CTT’s sustainability journey: looking towards the future of environmental efficiency

Luís Paulo

Director, Sustainability and Environment

CTT Portugal Post

Chair’s closing remarks and end of Operations Day
Derek Osborn

International Postal Coaching


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European Post & Parcel Services is regularly attended by the most senior delegates from over 35 countries.

Here is a breakdown of 2015's attendees: 

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  • Accenture
  • Alibaba
  • Amber Road
  • Anton Debatin
  • Asendia
  • Austrian Post
  • Blackbay
  • bpost
  • Canada Post
  • Cegeka
  • CEP Research
  • CFH Total Document Management
  • Citizens Advice
  • CMS Network
  • Copenhagen Economics
  • Correios do Brasil
  • Correos y Telegrafos
  • Croatian Post
  • CTT - Correios de Portugal
  • Dataform Paper Processing
  • Deutsche Post
  • DHL Freight
  • Document Exchange Network GmbH
  • Doddle
  • EBC
  • Endicia - DYMO
  • Escher Group
  • Esri UK
  • Euronet Worldwide
  • European Commission
  • European Envelope Manufacturers Association
  • First Rate Exchange Services
  • Flextronics
  • Flirtey
  • Guernsey Post
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Honeywell Scanning & Mobility
  • HP Enterprise Services
  • Integrated Skills
  • International Post Corporation
  • Japan Post Service
  • K Hartwall
  • Keba
  • Kratzer Automation
  • Kyburz dxp
  • La Poste
  • Latvia Post
  • Lazoto Express
  • Lithuanian Post
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Lyngsoe Systems
  • Magyar Posta
  • Neopost
  • NetDespatch
  • Nightline-Delivers
  • Nova Poshta
  • Omniva
  • Pitney Bowes
  • Poczta Polska
  • Post Greenland
  • Post of Slovenia
  • Post Office
  • Posta
  • Postal Technology International
  • Postcode Anywhere
  • PostEurop
  • Posti Group
  • PostNL
  • PostNord
  • Posturinn
  • Qatar Post
  • Quintiq
  • Ria Money Transfer
  • RouteSmart Technologies
  • Royal Mail Group
  • Siemens AG
  • SOTI
  • Spring Global Mail
  • Swipbox
  • Swiss Post
  • Sygic
  • T Systems
  • T Systems International
  • Technische Universität München
  • Triangle Management Services
  • Unipost
  • Vasp
  • Whatnext4u
  • Wincor Nixdorf
  • Xpreso
  • Zebra Technologies Europe

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